You get a chance as a script writer to have some gem of an actor and a personal hero speak your lines. I was a great fan of Trevor Howard who took the lead in one of my scripts ('Scorpion Tales' ATV). It was equally wonderful to write a series for Andrew Cruikshank who I'd always admired even before his days as Doctor Finlay. He was a truly wonderful actor and man and a perfect foil for the two other very fine actors, Nigel Planer and Derek Martin. Planer, highly intelligent and multi-talented, became a great friend.

If the series had been on film, I think it would have made a great difference, but Thames Television had invested heavily in ENG cameras with some thought that they would cut drama crewing and budgets. it didn't work out that way. It proved time consuming to correctly light four-wallers for cameras designed for news gathering, and also not as easy to sell tape shows overseas. I wrote twelve of the fourteen-only episodes. Nigel and Andy de la Tour wrote two. As they were coming by to drop off their first script, they almost decided to call me and say they'd abandoned it as they were sure it hadn't worked. It was one of the best episodes.