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The Sweeney

I wrote three Sweeney novels which were originally published at the time of the original series. These are now available again in hardback, paperback or Amazon Kindle.

The Sweeney: Regan

The Sweeney 2: The Manhattan File

The Sweeney 3: The Deal of the Century

The Petroc Corrigan Series

Corrigan is a half-Welsh, half Irish Detective Inspector who has recently resigned moments before the sack after a drunken midnight journey in a "borrowed squad car" culminating in an off road journey through a hedge, into a field, and the death of a Fresian milker. He's now looking for something, anything to produce income to survive even his modest lifestyle in a council flat in Welshpool. Corrigan comes up against a world of crime and individuals as mad as the ex-detective trying to make sense of it.

'The Dark Shepherd' has three murdering psychopaths competing with each other. 'Road of Bones' has a young English public school killer hired to bring down a passenger plane. He has a sideline in drowning people and inhaling the bubbles of their last breaths. The third Corrigan novel, "Travel Tips for the Dead", is set in the Arctic.

The Dark Shepherds

Road Of Bones

Travel Tips for the Dead

Other Novels

The Last Crime


Terms of Surrender