Ian Kennedy-Martin has written over 150 hours of TV drama series, including Mogul, Colditz, Troubleshooters, Hadleigh, This Man Craig, Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Onedin Line, Bergerac, The Chief, The London Consul, The Knock, Baretta (US TV).

He has written plays for Armchair Theatre and BBC Play of the Month.

Series created by Ian Kennedy-Martin:
The Inspector Reaygo Series (1969), Southern Television
The Sweeney (1975), Euston Films
Juliet Bravo (1980), BBC
The Chinese Detective (1981), BBC
The Fourth Floor (1986), Euston Films
King and Castle (1986), Thames Television

Mitchell, an original Los Angeles film, director Andrew McGlaglan, Allied Artists.

Commissioned screenplays for Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, not made.

The Manhattan File, Deal of the Century, Billions, Rekill, The Juggler, and others, all published in the UK, USA and elsewhere. The Last Crime (Heinemann, UK, Atheneum, USA) written under the pseudonym John Domatilla. There is also a companion volume The Last Text, published 2014.

The latest Sweeney film 2012: while wishing the Vertigo company the best of luck with their movie, I had nothing to do with it other than to assign my film rights to DNA Films who then reassigned them to Vertigo.